Two weeks ago to date was a very special day because it was the day I became a woman and got my hair did for the first time. Gwynn and Tamara came with me because I am a baby and hate change.  After my deeply internalized  existential freak out Gwynn was like, “Yo let’s go eat Cuban food.” So we went to Cafe Con Leche on 96th and Amersterdam.

This was awesome because:

a. They found our zeal for drinking endearing (maybe) and gave us twice as many drinks as we ordered. I felt old as shit drinking margaritas and mojitos in the middle of the day, with newly saloned hair. Had a glimpse of what retirement in Miami might be like.

b. Look at the mofongo. Do you know what this is? A self-sustained peninsula of fried green plantains with pork rinds on and in them. We made Tamara order it because Gwynn and I were all like “MAWWWFUNGOHH.” Wrong.

Also, I ate shrimp in coconut sauce with rice and beans and the shrimp was so fresh and crunchy but I’m basically too tired to tell you anything else about it except yum yum yum zzzz. Next time I’m coming for the pork.


i’m one of those jerks who will always stop any plans to eat out at any restaurant from the old country.  i had just one too many fork-fulls of chicken and rice shoved down my throat as a kid (thanks mom!).  but when gywnn said, “hooray cuban food!” i bit my whiny tongue.  perhaps yelena’s journey into womanhood inspired me to be less of a toddler about eating rice and beans.  and gwynn mentioned they have an insane happy hour, so.  ($8.95 for 2 margaritas, mojitos, or sangria!  we had 4 before sunset!)

i had shrimp in (a really sweet) mango sauce because i like eating candy for dinner.  usually mango tastes like a foot (ew!), but this sauce was the bomb.  i unabashedly slathered it over the yellow rice and black beans, making my childhood nightmare food totally edible!  the shrimp were plentiful and delicious, so i don’t think i wasted a moment to, like, taste them.

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